about buyfromachristian.com

BuyFromAChristian.com is the leader in Christian e-commerce with users in all 50 states and more than 135 countries. We have sent out millions of daily bible verses and more than 40,000 people have been introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our FREE GIFT tab.

We started small, not in an office, but rather in a home without a backyard or even a garage. We did not have million dollar investors, rather our foundation was built on faith and hard work.

BuyFromAChristian.com was created to be a safe place for people to buy and sell items, shop for vehicle and real estate and even book a vacation. Remember, we donate 10% of your listing fee back to your favorite church, ministry or charity. Not to our favorite, but to YOUR FAVORITE!

While a large number of people share in our excitement that God would create and bless such a unique concept, some do not. A small number of people who download our app or visit our website may be offended by our name. Some believe we are just using the Lord's name to make money, while others think our company discriminates against non-Christians. These two opinions are not true.

This company was started by volunteers who wanted to impact the business world for Christ. We are not ashamed of the name of Christ, that is why it is in our name. We are not motivated by money, which is why we give so much of it away.

Just like the doors of a church, we are open to anyone and everyone. You do not have to be a Christian to use BuyFromAChristian.com, but we hope everyone who uses our service is exposed to the Love of Jesus.

We are not perfect and our app and website are not perfect, but we hope the perfect one will continue to use us for His Glory.

Thank you again for using BuyFromAChristian.com, your website and app with a purpose!