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Why do we take donations? We just recently started taking donations, because bfac users requested we provide a place to take donations. We use 100% of the money donated to help churches or Christian organization who are in special need. was not founded in a boardroom or on Wall Street. This company was founded by two normal guys who start and end their day the same, on their knees in prayer to the Lord. was not started by million dollar investors, but rather by prayer, hard work, and faith.

Have you seen us on television or heard of us on the radio? If we have not yet reached your area, we are coming!

We know we cannot become the largest "buy and sell" website, Christian business directory, or travel website overnight, but we know through your prayers and support we can grow fast! God has provided our founders with a vision to help support God's ministry across the nation and the world. Just think, every time you list a product on, you are supporting a church or a non profit organization.

Most importantly, we try to introduce all our visitors to God's word and the greatest Gift of all- Jesus Christ! As we grow, and more and more interest is focused on our site, we realize the publicity will point all people, both Christians and non-Christians alike, to the truth of the Lord!

Every dollar we collect we donate back to a church or a non-profit organization.

Simply click on the PayPal button below, which allows you to use your existing PayPal account to donate, or if you have never before used PayPal, allows you to enter your credit card in a secure manner.

God bless you and have a great day!