Support your Church

The purpose of this website is to allow internet users the opportunity to buy and sell products and services, while specifically allowing them to support a local church. We will give 10% of all website listing fees to the church or Christian organization of your choice. To read more about our policy of giving 10% to local churches, and why we have chosen this number, please click here.

How do I add my church to your site?

First, you must be registered as a seller to list your church on our site. Anyone visiting the site can see our list of churches and organizations. All you have to do is click on the "Churches" link at the top of the homepage. From here you will be able to see our listing of churches listed by states and cities/regions. So if you live in Nashville, TN and wish to see if your church is in our list, simply click on the "Churches" tab on the top of the homepage, then select "Tennessee", and finally "Nashville" to see our current listing of churches in your area. If your church is not listed in this area, then all you have to do is click on the "Don't see your Church? - Click here to add it!" link at the bottom of the page. Once you are a seller, you will be required to enter your churchs full name, address, telephone number, and email address (optional). On clicking "Submit," you will instantly add your church to our list of churches for that particular area. We will receive an email with your churchs information, and will verify the church is listed as a tax-exempt, non-profit church in that particular state. We reserve the right to remove any churches that does not meet the standard of being a Christian church (where Jesus Christ is recognized as Savior and Lord, and where His death on a cross and triumphant resurrection is proclaimed), and are legally recognized as churches by your particular state. We also are allowed to pull a church from our listings at anytime questions arise as to the validity or practices of that particular church.

Of note, any person may view our listings of churches; however, again only users signed up as sellers will actually be able to ADD their church or organization to our site.

How do I designate my church to receive 10% of my listings fees paid to

When you sign up as a seller you will see in your "Account Info" area of My BFAC:

"Choose the organization you would like to support."

If your church is part of our database you will be able to select your location (state, then city/region; or if you would rather, you may support a National Organization from our pre-approved list of organizations) from the list. If your church is NOT LISTED, then just click the "Don't see your Church? - Click here to add it!" link at the bottom of the page.

Once you have selected your church from the list, then that church will be kept on file as the church you would like to receive your 10% (from your listing fees) until that church is changed by you (if you should choose to make this change).

Can I access this information at a later date, or just when I am signing up as a seller? Can this church be changed at a later date?

You can access your church designation at anytime. Whenever you are signed in on you will see "Hello, [your user name]!" on the top right hand side of the homepage. Just to the right of this, you will se a link to "Sign out" and another that states "BFAC"- if you click on the "BFAC" link you will be taken to a page that reveals your purchase history. On the left hand side of the page you will see a "Account Info" link. If you click on "Account Info" there is a link where you can change your designated church or organization at any time.

You keep saying church OR organization. What do you mean organization? will have a listing of all churches available at the "Churches" tab on the top of the homepage. When you click on this link, you will see a listing of all churches in our database; if your church is not a part of the list, then you can simply add it as described above. If, however, you wish to support a national organization rather than a particular church, then you can choose from a national organization that we have listed on our site. If you would like to suggest an organization that is not a part of our database, then all you have to do is email us and we will consider your organization for addition on our site! We hope to support national organizations, major Christian denominations, and various Christian missions on our site. The purpose is to allow those who wish to give to one of these organizations (and not a local church) the option to do so.

Why do you allow organizations besides churches on your site?

BFAC does not discriminate against anyone visiting the site. In fact it is our hope that non-Christians (and non-church attending people) visit our site. This will bless the Christians who use the site for commerce, and also hopefully expose everyone who visits to Jesus Christ. We feel Jesus would not discriminate, therefore, neither will we. Please see our Disclaimer for further details.

We want everyone who uses our site to choose a church or an organization when signing up to be a seller on our site (before you actually list items or services). We do NOT want to prevent those who do not attend a church from feeling welcome on our site. We feel the purpose of giving this 10% is because it is Gods portion, and we want that portion to go to a deserving church or reputable organization (or denomination) where others can be blessed by this site and the transactions that occur on it. Ultimately, we feel that blessing deserving organizations with needed funds in the name of Christianity is a worthy cause!

In the event that user does not ever designate a church or organization on our site, then it is the policy of the site to determine where the appropriate 10% of listing and sales fees will go. We will have default churches or organizations monthly that will receive all the money that is not specifically designated to a users chosen church or denomination.

How will you distribute funds to a chosen church or organization?

The reason you enter the full name, address, telephone number, and email address (optional) is so that we may mail out checks to supported churches or organizations. The current plan is to send out checks on a bi-annual or annual schedule (to prevent sending out potentially small checks often). will deduct only actual postal charges from the amount owed a church or organization. Again, we will verify a church as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization on the initial listing process. Also, we expect churches and organizations will verify their addresses in realizing we must have correct information in order to deliver funds to these particular groups. Once a church has reached the $50.00 dollar mark, we will send them a check. This will help us avoid sending out checks for very small amounts like 10 cents or $3.75.

Why would churches want to be listed on this site?

Unlike listing fees for all other "Businesses," realizes we need churches to be successful, and we think churches will want to encourage members to use this site in order to collect the above mentioned fees. These fees will bless churches general budgets, building funds, mission offerings, etc. Also, churches will be helping funnel our target audience into one place- where for once a unified Christian voice can be lifted for the world to hear! Our hope is to provide churches a place to send their congregations that is a safe and secure site to buy and sell products and services, all on a site that does not shirk from its main mission- to celebrate Jesus Christ- the true reason for the Seasons! So we feel we need churches, and hopefully they will want to support us in realizing the potential for individual Christians and also their own church budgets. Just being listed on our site will allow a free listing in a particular area for a particular church- a listing that all users can access!

Are there any other benefits to churches in encouraging people to use this site?


Our "garage sale" feature is a great way to raise money for your church or favorite Christian organization.

As a basic example of this feature, imagine the old church-wide "garage sales" you may have attended in the past where many families brought dusty boxes full of "stuff" to a certain location (like a church gym) on a certain day and gave all sales made on that particular day to the church. Well, we plan for something better, with a bigger audience and the ultimate level of convenience! Just click on "Garage Sale" on our homepage to get started. A garage sale is an easy way for Churches and Christian groups to raise thousands of dollars. The best part of all, it's free. Garage Sale items won't be charged a listing fee, and a church will get 100% of the money raised. This allows a church to raise thousands by reaching an audience far greater than their own church family.

It doesn't even have to be church wide! For example, if your Church's youth group wants to raise money for a trip, just sign up for a "garage sale" fundraiser!

You can have it online for a week, a month, or even a year! This allows your church the potential to reach Christians well beyond the local church gym! Never before has it been easier to make money for your church or church group! No more dusty boxes, early Saturday mornings, or aching backs! Everything can be done from the comfort of your home computer!

Just click on "Garage Sale" at the top of our homepage to get started!

If you have further questions you would like answered, please click here and we will answer your question as soon as possible!