bfac business Texting For Media (TV / Radio / Magazines / Newspapers / Websites)

Did you know media organizations around the country are using bfac texting to improve communication and create new revenue? With bfac texting, your media company can talk to viewers to promote special stories for TV ratings, promote special deals or live remotes for radio stations, special coupons for newspapers or websites, and special features for magazines.

Want website interaction too? bfac texting will give your media company website a direct sign in feature (so people can sign up for your texting news, deals, and information).

Need multiple keywords for special events or campaigns? No problem with bfac texting.

Want a local number? We provide local numbers and even short code (5 digit) numbers to help make sure your campaign is successful.

How can it generate more revenue? Your clients would love to sponsor the deal of the day, breaking news alerts, or your daily weather forecast. No matter where the go in the US, they will get your text message.

  • 97% of all text messages are read
  • 80% are read within one hour
  • 90% of all emails are not read
  • People don't listen to radio, watch TV, or read all day, but most always have their cell phone with them.

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