bfac business Texting For Political Campaigns

In 2011, 95% of the political candidates that used Buy From A Christian texting to communicate with their supporters won! Every year, elections are won because one candidate did a better job of communicating his or her ideas to voters. Right now, there is arguably no better way to talk with voters than text messaging.

Every second in the United States more than 50 thousand text messages are sent. In 2010 in our country alone, more than 1.5 trillion text messages were sent. 97% of all text messages are read, but 90% of all emails are not. (Source: CTIA & New York Times)

Buy From A Christian can provide you with the edge in your election. We can give your campaign the power to communicate with all of your voters with unlimited texting (up to 5,000 numbers).

Every successful candidate knows how important it is to be local. With Buy From A Christian texting, your company can have its own local number. Some other texting companies require you to use a number that's not in your area- or even a shared short code. And while other texting companies will charge you up to $200 per keyword/year, Buy From A Christian provides unlimited keywords.

Extra keywords will make it easy for you to capture voter cell phone numbers for every county, city or even neighborhood. For example, when you ask for a person's vote, you can also say "I want you to stay informed about my campaign. To get all our campaign information, text vote to my local number."

What is it worth to be able to talk with thousands of voters the night before the election? What about on Election Day? You can with Buy From A Christian texting!

While we cannot guarantee you a victory on Election Day, we believe being able to communicate with your supporters gives you a significant advantage.