bfac business Texting For Restaurants

Right now people all across the country are looking at their cell phones for a restaurant's deal of the day. With bfac texting you can communicate with your customers instantly. Now you can turn a slow day, into a boom day.

How does it work? When your customers come to your location, or when they see your ads, they can send a text message to your bfac number. In the body of the text message they put in your keyword "Pizza Inn". After sending the message, they will receive confirmation that they joined your insider deal club. Once your customer has sent the text, they are in your bfac texting database!

We already work with large restaurant chains and small restaurants all around the country.

  • bfac texting allows you to use a local number or a short code (5 digit number) for all of your texting needs
  • bfac texting helps you get your current customers to come back more often
  • bfac texting helps you inform your customers of special deals and promotions
  • bfac texting gives you the chance to thank all of your customers during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Easter, Valentines, and Memorial Day)
  • bfac texting gives you the chance to do game day contests like "guess the score" for a chance to win a free sandwich and a drink.

How do you sign up? Need more info? Just email us at