bfac business Texting For Retail Stores

Right now, retail stores across the country are using bfac texting to grow their business like never before. With bfac texting, you can now communicate with all of your customers about sales, special purchases, and upcoming events.

Don't throw away your money on mail outs, employee phone calls, or email marketing campaigns. Instead use bfac texting to get the word out to your entire customer base.

  • bfac texting allows you to use a local number or a short code (5 digit number) for all of your texting needs
  • bfac texting helps you get your current customers to come back more often
  • bfac texting helps you inform your customers of special deals and promotions
  • bfac texting gives you the chance to thank all of your customers during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Easter, Valentines, and Memorial Day)
  • bfac texting saves you money by eliminating mail outs, employee phone calls, and email marketing campaigns.

97% of all text messages are read (80% are read within one hour)

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