bfac business Texting For Salons & Spas

Does your spa or salon have someone calling clients throughout the day about appointments? Have you figured out how much time and energy is wasted in that process? Now with bfac texting, your salon or spa doesn't have to do that anymore.

You can simply send out a text message instead. With our bfac system, we help your business reach more of your clients with less time and effort. Plus, we give you the ability to increase your business on a slow day.

Have a cancellation? Instead of losing that hour of business, you can send out a blast to your customers with a special deal to fill the spot.

With bfac texting, you can send a text message immediately or schedule a text message reminder. Now with bfac texting, you can say goodbye to reminder cards, mail outs, and wasted employee time calling customers about their appointments.

  • bfac texting allows you to use a local number or a short code (5 digit number) for all of your texting needs
  • bfac texting helps you get your current customers to come back more often
  • bfac texting helps you inform your customers of special deals and promotions
  • bfac texting gives you the chance to thank all of your customers during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Easter, Valentines, and Memorial Day)

How do you sign up? Just email and we will get you set up.