How Do Fees Work?

List an Item
List items for one dollar

NEW! List products until they sell for just $1.00!

If you list a TV for $100 it will cost you only $1.00 to list the item. It is that EASY and, again, only costs one dollar! Also the item you list will stay on Buy From A Christian until it sells!

Note: To prevent items remaining on the site indefinitely that could have potentially sold offline, we do remove products that have been on the site for more than three months. However, we will notify you before the three month period is up, so that you can RENEW YOUR LISTING FOR FREE! And you can keep renewing your listing for as long as you need to sell your item. That is why we say you pay for a listing "UNTIL IT SELLS!"

Important Exceptions:

  1. Autos, Marine, Motors, and Real Estate listings are also one-time charges. You pay $10.00 for a listing in Autos, Marine, and Motors; you pay $20.00 for a listing in Real Estate (properties and homes). It is that simple! And again, your listing stays up UNTIL IT SELLS (renewable every 3 months for FREE; see above explanation for complete details)! We receive no other fees when you sell your product in these categories. And, as always, we give 10% of your listing fee to YOUR church! So list your home, and $1.00 goes to your church; list your car or boat and $0.50 goes to your church. To be clear: no fees are collected when you sell any item (the 10% we give to your church comes ONLY from your $10.00 or $20.00 listing fee. We do not collect ANY percentage of the sale price in any categories. To be clear: NO FEES are collected when you SELL your item (also to be clear: the 10% we give to your church comes ONLY from your $10.00 or $20.00 listing fee and not from any percentage of your sales fee).
  2. Also, there are NO listing fees for items listed through a church or Christian organization garage sale. This is another way BFAC seeks to help churches raise money! If you want to list an item in a garage sale, you won't be charged!


NEW! We don't charge a percentage!

A number of websites charge you a listing fee and then they will charge you a percentage of the final sale price. Not Buy From A Christian! The only fee you will ever pay on Buy From A Christian is your listing fee! Plus all of the pictures in your listing are FREE!

Pay securely using PayPal

Paying fees

Fees are paid via your credit card through our PayPal payment portal at the time you do your listing. NOTE: For your safety, we DO NOT retain your credit card information! This is another way we are striving to make your shopping experience the safest possible.